Research, Education, Awareness and Dedication (READ) to the field of infection in Orthopaedics and Trauma.


WAIOT aims to achieve its vision through Cooperation with various disciplines, national and international societies and all stakeholders in the field of MSI. 

WAIOT also aims to highlight the socioeconomic impact of bone and joint infection.


1) To bring together colleagues of different MSI disciplines

2) To support education and share of knowledge on MSI in a non-profit way

3) To increase the knowledge on MSI through research, scientific publication and evidence-based practice

4) To cooperate with MSI institutions and societies in a non-prejudice manner

5) To improve prevention and management   of MSI infection worldwide with special focus in most needing countries.



WAIOT is a free association.

You may stay in contact by simply joining our scientific and humanitarian community, sending us a message.

We will keep you updated on all our initiatives.

At any time you may opt out.



WAIOT is aimed at bringing new awareness on muskulo-skeletal infections across the world.


To this aim WAIOT is organizing several initiatives.

Stay connected with all the initiatives of WAIOT.

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