• WAIOT has the mission of bringing together Colleagues of various disciplines and from all over the world that are interested in MSIs.

• W is aimed at increasing and sharing the knowledge on MSIs and supports  education and training throughout the world.

• W supports the research on musculoskeletal, biofilm- and implant-related infections.

• W is open to a cooperation with existing national and international institutions and societies focused on MSIs, with a special reference to SICOT.

• W is aimed at raising new awareness in institutions and all the stakeholders about the social and economical impact of bone and joint infections.



WAIOT is a free association.

You may stay in contact by simply joining our scientific and humanitarian community, sending us a message.

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WAIOT is aimed at bringing new awareness on muskulo-skeletal infections across the world.


To this aim WAIOT is organizing several initiatives.

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