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Code of Ethics

The World Association against Infections in Orthopedics and Trauma, hereafter referred to as “WAIOT” is an independent, non-profit organization for the promotion of science and health. WAIOT is politically neutral and professionally independent, with no alliance to religious beliefs. 


All WAIOT members have equal rights to share in its development and participate in its committees, educational activities, and research projects.

The purpose of the Association is the study and improvement of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of Musculoskeletal Infection and implementation of strategies that may minimize its burden on communities.

WAIOT vision is promotion of Research, Education, Awareness and Dedication (READ) in the field of musculo-skeletal infection.


WAIOT aims to achieve its vision through cooperation with various disciplines, national and international societies, and all stakeholders in the field of MSI. WAIOT also aims to highlight the socioeconomic impact of bone and joint infection.

The WAIOT values and objectives are:

  1. To bring together colleagues of different MSI disciplines

  2. To increase the knowledge on MSI through research, scientific publications, and evidence-based practice

  3. To support international education and share of knowledge on MSI in a non-profit way

  4. To internationally cooperate with MSI institutions and societies in a non prejudicial manner

  5. To promote high quality prevention and management of MSI infection worldwide with special focus in most needing countries.

  6. To establish international communication and networking between healthcare providers, educational institutions, and physicians.


The members of WAIOT should:

  • Promote the vision, mission, and values of WAIOT

  • Comply with the high standard of medical ethics and morals in the care and management of patients

  • Give their expertise when needed without arrogance, prejudice, or racialism

  • Treat, educate and provide humanitarian support, when feasible, without political, religious, or racial preferences

  • Support the humanity values of justice, equality, freedom, and dignity.

Approved by the Executive Committee on October 15, 2022.



WAIOT is a free association.

You may stay in contact by simply joining our scientific and humanitarian community, sending us a message.

We will keep you updated on all our initiatives.

At any time you may opt out.



WAIOT is aimed at bringing new awareness on muskulo-skeletal infections across the world.


To this aim WAIOT is organizing several initiatives.

Stay connected with all the initiatives of WAIOT.

You may propose your initiative by sending us a message.

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