Study Groups (SG)

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Study Groups (SG) are solicited or spontaneous groups of experts,

with a particular interest in a specific field of musculo-skeletal or implant- or biofilm-related infections.


Prof. Mahmoud HAFEZ
Professor of Orthopaedics and Head of the Orthopaedic Dept,

October 6th University, Cairo - EGYPT

Deputy Chairman

Prof. Insa BAMBA

Professor of Orthopaedics

University "Félix Houphouët-Boigny", Abidjan - Cote d'Ivoire 

Vikas Agashe at WAIOT
Prof. Vikas Agashe, MD

Osteoarticular Tuberculosis

Research on Prevention, Diagnosis, Treatment and Socio-Economical Aspects of OA-TB

клюшин 3_edited.jpg
Prof.Nikolay Klyushin, MD

External Fixation for the Management of Musculo-Skeletal Infections

Focused on finding basic rules and standards for the management of osteomyelitis and septic nonions, this Study Group is chaired by Dr. Nikolay Klyushin, Director of Clinic on Infectious Osteology in Kurgan, Russia.

Photo Luiz Se_rgio Marcelino Gomes.jpg
Prof. Marcelino Gomez, MD, PhD

Serum Marker of Fracture Healing and Osteoarticular Infection

Based on growing evidences for D-Dimer sensitivity to the severity of bone insult, this SG focuses on the role of D-dimer and other biomarkers for fracture healing and osteoarticular infections.

Prof. Hiroyuki Tsuchiya, MD, PhD

This SG focuses on the effects and safety of antimicrobial coating technology with iodine to prevent and reduce infections in orthopaedic and trauma surgery.

Prof. Andreas Tiemann, MD

Osteomyelitis definition and principles of management.

This SG is working on finding a common definition of osteomyelitis and on the identification of the basic principles for treatment.

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