WAIOT was founded in Vienna (Austria)  on May 30th, 2017.

In the picture: the WAIOT Founding Members - From the left:

Prof. Guenter Lob (Germany)

Prof. Andreas Tiemann (Germany)

Prof. Hazem Al Khawashki (Saudi Arabia)

Prof. Lorenzo Drago (Italy)

Prof. Kostantinos Malizos (Greece)

Prof. Chingiz Alizadeh (Azerbaijan)

Dr. Nicola Logoluso (Italy)

Prof. Carlo L. Romanò (Italy)

Prof. Heinz Winkler (Austria) [taking the photo...]




2017  21st Aug  Invitation letter to a selection of experts to join WAIOT

2017  8th Sept  1st Steering committee meeting – Nantes (France)

2017  27th Oct  2nd Steering committee meeting – Berlin (Germany)

2017  1st Dec   WAIOT 1st General Assembly - Cape Town (South Africa)

2018  13th October WAIOT 2nd General Assembly - Montreal (Canada)

2019 6th December WAIOT 3rd General Assembly - Muscat (Oman)


The WAIOT foundation has been inspired by the

"SICOT Declaration of Rio de Janeiro on International Campaign against Bone and Joint Infections",

released in November 2014 in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil).

WAIOT foundation in Vienna 2017

WAIOT Presidents


​Prof. Dr. Thami Benzakour

President 2019-2020

Casablanca - MOROCCO


Prof. Dr. Ashok N. Johari

President 2018-2019

Mumbai - INDIA


Prof. Dr. Günter Lob

President 2017-2018

München - GERMANY

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Prof. Dr. Heinz Winkler

President 2017

Vienna - AUSTRIA